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Meet Sanda
Meet Sanda

My name is Sanda Clark and I am running to represent Legislative District 19 in the Arizona House.  

I came to the US as a young musician to escape communism in my native Romania. I studied at the University of Texas where I met my husband, a cellist who grew up in Tucson. The opportunities that came my way in this nation were greater than I could have ever imagined. I was able to live my dream as a concert pianist, and I have played in some of the world’s great concert halls. My decades-long career was a heady experience. But my greatest thrill was becoming a citizen of my adopted country. 

I performed my “retirement concert” last year. And now I am doing one of the most American things possible: running for public office as a government outsider. 

This is not a challenge I take lightly. LD19 is a sprawling, rural district that includes parts of Pima, Santa Cruz, Graham, and Greenlee counties and all of Cochise County. The rural nature of our district means that our interests and needs are sometimes different from the more urban districts. But they are no less important. 

I Stand for:

I have lived in a country where abortion was not legal. The potential repeal of Roe v. Wade and recent state laws banning abortion give me flashbacks to the forced birth policies in communist Romania. When women lose their bodily autonomy, loss of other freedoms is sure to follow.


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Arizona is losing industry and jobs because we refuse to fully fund our public schools and we cannot provide a sufficiently educated workforce. I intend to make the promise of quality education in Arizona a reality, fully fund public education and pay teachers a fair wage, fund and support trade schools and technical training, restore the state’s full K-16 capital improvement school funding, and make charter schools accountable and end the get-rich-quick charter school scams.



Conspiracy theories regarding our 2020 election have been proven unfounded over and over again. And yet, those conspiracy theories have been used —successfully— by Arizona Republicans to make voting harder. These new voting restrictions are straight out of the communist playbook. We can maintain election integrity and make voting easy and convenient. This is a hill I am willing to die on.


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I will advocate for a humane and comprehensive immigration policy that provides a path for citizenship. I have lived this issue. It is personal for me. 



Arizona’s Groundwater Management Act of 1980 was landmark legislation that gave us the concept of “sustainable yield” in “Active Management Areas.” Unfortunately,  LD19 is not inside an Active Management Area. Very simply, that means the guy with the deepest well and the biggest pump wins. There are folks in Cochise County whose wells have gone dry—they pay to truck in water. Failure to establish a sustainable water policy in Cochise is not an option. All Arizonans deserve a “sustainable yield” policy.


What I Stand For

Vote only for Sanda on Nov 8th to bring home the win for rural Arizona!

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